New Passport - New Opportunities - New life

With the new Cyprus citizenship by investment program a new opportunity has arrived for people who want to make a change in their life.

You can now get an EU passport from Cyprus, by simply making an investment of any kind worth 2.000.000 EUR.

The procedure from applying to actually getting an EU passport takes only 6 months. You don’t have to live in Cyprus and there are no other requirements besides the investment.

Cyprus is the best place for this opportunity. A small paradise offering everything you ask for. From luxury homes, great job opportunities, health care, high level education and so on.

Based on Cyprus citizenship by investment program you simply invest in Cyprus and you get:

Travel to a variety of European countries.

Live, work, travel and make business in EUROPE.

Passport and therefore citizenship for the applicant, the spouse and all dependent children up to the age of 28.

High leveled education to Cyprus or any other EU country.

Quality Health care system

Keep your other citizenship and the new one.

Low taxes

An amazing, sunny and friendly place to live or make vacation.

Secure - Fast - Reliable – Permanent

Join our world!